This blog is about my experiences trying to learn more about and ultimately becoming a practicing Tibetan Buddhist. As it turns out, the type of Tibetan Buddhism I ended up following is called Nyingma. My inspiration, or starting point, has been k.d. lang. She is (or was, at least) a Tibetan Buddhist. And when I found that out, I thought it was the greatest revelation ever. After looking into it a bit, I found that a lot of celebs here in Los Angeles are Buddhist of some kind or another. For a moment, I thought maybe it was a requirement (grin).  It seems many celebrities are able to find Buddhism more easily than the rest of us. Yet, I am even less than your average person, with few, if any, talents, even fewer connections, who maybe knows 3 people on earth. And I found my way. Granted, it has not been pretty. You could say my path is analogous to Brad Gilbert’s tennis book Winning Ugly. But, if I can become a Tibetan Buddhist, I think almost anyone else can. Fame may make Tibetan Buddhism easier to find, but being the little guy makes me a great spokesperson for the 99% (grin). I will provide this caveat, however. You gotta have grit, discipline, persistence, commitment and determination. Without them, I am afraid your path may peter out.

My course to Tibetan Buddhism has been much too difficult. No one should have to struggle so hard. It could be that it is because I live in Los Angeles; not exactly Tibetan Buddhism Central. And it could be because I am uber reclusive with few contacts in the world beyond my desk. But it still seems to me it could have been simpler. Buddhism is a bit of a lonely path. I’ll give you that. Yet, no one is alone, if that makes sense. So I wanted to disclose  what I  have encountered so far and to provide tips that may make the path toward Tibetan Buddhism easier for others.

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