What Is This Thing Called ‘Practice’?:

Orientation: This blog chronicles one reclusive American's journey trying to become a Tibetan Buddhist. Every culture and tradition has perfunctory utterances. In the US we say "How are you?" or "How's it going"? No one really expects an answer other than "fine, thanks". But if you insist on one, people may answer you from a... Continue Reading →

What’s With All These Deities?

  Orientation:  My goal here  is to share my experiences in trying to learn more about Tibetan Buddhism. It assumes you are interested in Tibetan Buddhism and are alone in your search; no friends or family who are also Buddhists. Take my comments as they are, just comments; one person's experience. And if it helps... Continue Reading →

History Books Not Required

  I can't truthfully say that reading a lot about the history of Buddhism is going to help you become a better Tibetan Buddhist practitioner. So, if you are not into reading or listening to audio books about Buddhism in general, you can skip this post. Seriously, you can know nothing about how Buddhism got... Continue Reading →

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